Thursday, May 31, 2012

Liquors ~ project finished

Finished Product
I used coffee filters and screwed the metal band over it to hold it in place

Before straining out the lemon zest
 The pomegranate went through the filter very slowly since it had more fruit pulp. I wet the filters and tried again and it went through much faster with the lemon but not much difference with the pomegranate so I gave up with that one and used cheesecloth.
The zest looked so pretty I froze it to use later for another recipe

Finished off the liquors I was making. These are exceptionally easy to make. You really could use any fruit, flowers, herbs or what have you. I used vodka. they suggest Everclear if it is legal to buy in your state. It is not legal in Virginia. The idea is to use something that is absolutely tasteless. Vodka does have a distinct flavor but not so strong as to overpower the flavor you are trying to effect. The limoncello is a traditional Italian aperitif which is usually enjoyed cold. I used Meyer lemons for this which are now my favorite lemons and unlike any I've had before. If you haven't tried them you should. They are in season from November through March. The pomegranate liquor is one of my favorites and the brand I most enjoy is somewhat pricey so I thought I'd try making my own. These are simply made by infusing the fruit or rinds in the vodka and then after some weeks, straining them and adding simple syrup. These turned out nicely although I think the flavor could be tweaked a little. You can add more or less simple syrup depending how sweet you like it and the flavor should be better after the simple syrup has been added and it's been allowed another week or so before drinking. I got the recipes off the Internet and there are many.  Now...who wants a glass? Come on over!

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  1. HAVE YOU tried elderberry champaine? Its delish! and simple using the elderberry flowers natural yeast! love Pat