Friday, June 1, 2012

Around the farm

Second stories added

Strong Colonies
Bee Chic
Chickens are growing up
Quails are starting to lay
French Breakfast Radishes

Isa's booboo is better

Been a busy couple of weeks around here and yet, haven't even begun to catch up. But, I've made a dent in it and there is hope yet. After being laid up recuperating from two surgeries and a year and a half of physical therapy, I am finally starting to feel whole again. I removed Isa's (my horse) sutures and it looks like it will hold together. The vet's suture job left a pretty nasty scar but I'm hoping in time it will fade and her hair will grow back to cover it up. She's happy to be off "stall rest" and be back in the general horse population. She was really good about the whole thing. The garden is starting to produce. The first batch of lettuce was pretty much a loss due to what I think are sand beetles. Carson the bunny has been enjoying it though. I bought two large bottles of vinegar and need to get out there with mulch and see what I can do. There are two kinds of weeds taking over my garden and no amount of weeding seems to conquer them. One is a type of grass and the other is a small plant; no idea what either is. The chickens are nearing their full growth. Should start getting eggs soon. We've found several quail eggs already. Need to get going on the coop. I finally got the special fittings yesterday so hope to start that today. Been canning today. Have another bed to redo and lots of other things in the works........stay tuned!

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  1. I love all the photos. I am wrapping up a great school year with 4 students graduating on Sunday. 3 of them with scholarships and the young man from Burma with his American Citizenship. Jasmine was featured in the Detroit News on May 23rd as one of the Best and Brightest grads in Michigan. Miss you all like crazy, but it looks like I am going to spend my summer in Holyoke with Pat and Bennett with one side trip to Houston for Angela's wedding. Starting to think "retirement" so you and Mark will have first dibs on my 26 acres next door. It sounds like you may need it with all that you are doing.