Saturday, June 9, 2012

Old Stuff



Old glassware
Recently went to an Estate auction. It was as much fun as I remember. We were driving through town and it was in progress so we stopped and I stayed all day. (with no sun screen.....stupid....ouch) Got a ton of stuff with plans for craft projects, resale and some to keep. Got another iron bed, this one is plain but a good one. I'm going to have it sand blasted like the last one but I will spray paint this one and let my daughter borrow it until she moves in November. The old croquet set was something I really wanted and will probably keep it. I didn't get it as cheaply as I had hope. Seems every time I wanted something, there was one other person that was bent on having it as well. That's how auctions go. Pay too much for some things and very little for others, so it evens out. The croquet set had about 30 years of crud on it and all I did was clean it with a wood cleaner and then apply liquid gold wood treatment on it a couple of time. I looks great but keeps it's aged look. Oh if only I had more room for can never have enough! (Mark (my husband) would beg to differ........

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