Monday, May 14, 2012

It Was The Best Of Weekends, It Was The Worst Of Weekends

Poor Baby!

All fixed up, happily eating hay
We, you know what they say; you have to take the bad with the good. We had plenty of projects planned for the weekend but things just didn't work out. When I got up Saturday morning, my husband, Mark, came in to let me know Isa had a cut on her leg. Optimistic me grabbed clean water, towel and peroxided and trotted out to the paddock to clean it up and assess the damage. Well, I took one look and it and knew we were in for a nice big vet bill. (I was right.....file it under how to blow through $650  quick, fast and in a hurry, as my friend Renee likes to say....) So, quick call to my friend Renee to get number for vet, said vet called and said friend Renee rushing over to help. An hour or so later and Isa was all fixed up. The vet ended up putting her to sleep for the sutures. It's a disturbing thing to see an animal that large just fall to the ground with a huge thud. Poor thing; she had a hard time waking up and was pretty wobbly for a while. (I know just how she felt) Meanwhile, Dijon, the palomino, who is tricky as hell, was once again crawling under the paddock fence. So obviously we have a serious issue now with the electric fence which is not the situation you would like to have. So, after much puttering and several trips to the farm store, that situation got fixed. On top of that, about 10 minutes after the vet left, Isa's dressing slid down, exposing her wound so we had to do an entire leg wrap all over again. Grrrrrr..........Okay, putting that behind us....the rest of the day was spent feeding and medicating horses, figuring out people food and a little bit of socializing with visiting friends during which time, my three year old grandson decided to run up and grab the electric fence with not so fun results. Can this day be over please? On to Sunday. Another trip to farm store (getting to be an expensive habit), groceries and whatnot and back home to start on that chicken coop when my son informs us it is time to go to my daughter's house for Mothers Day cook out which was very pleasant. Okay, things are looking up! Right up until we drag exhausted grandchildren home so their mother to give them  a bath after which same three year old grandson, in a sleepy stupor, falls into the coffee table and splits his lip open. Lets hope for better luck on Monday. No and boy are both doing fine. Hope Mother's Day was enjoyed by all.....

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  1. oh i feel the pain - from the cut and the bill. Life filled with love is not cheap.