Friday, May 11, 2012

Horse'n Around

The Horses
Woke up this morning to chat with my husband, Mark, before he left for work. No sooner did he walk out the door he was coming back to tell me that one of the horses was out. Dijon, the mustard colored horse as my dear friend Renne calls him. He's the pretty palomino furthest to the left in the picture. I went out on the porch and there he was, calmly working his way around the yard eating green grass which is probably his favorite thing to do. I had surgery on my foot so my son had to get up and wrangle him back into the paddock which wasn't much of a feat; all he had to do was get their morning grain. Dijon was right over to the horse trailer where we are keeping it, poking his nose in the door. When we checked the electric fence, it was off. Hmmmmm, don't know how that happened. When the grain was down, Dijon couldn't wait to get back into the paddock. He's a favorite horse who is getting old and we've been a little sad wondering how much longer we were going to able to keep riding him.....ahem.....I guess if he can still jump a four foot fence without a problem we don't need to worry about that for a while. Horses are funny. They are a lot of work but a joy to be around. They have distinct personalities and can be fiercely loyal......or not. The other two horses we have here are Isa (in the middle) who is an American Cream Draft / Paint cross and Boo Boo (Fleeting Spirit) a grey thoroughbred. The ACD is mine, the other two are my friend Renne's. She's evented them and fox hunted them many times in the past so it doesn't surprise me when one of them jumps the fence; it's a wonder we keep them in at all!

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