Sunday, May 6, 2012

Crazy busy day yesterday. Building equipment to hive bees. My husband and I are both world class procrastinators, but in this case, it was unexpected. He sells bees every year that he gets from Georgia and he had more left over that didn't sell than we expected. Good year for it to happen though because the bee packages are beautiful this year. 4 full pounds of bees in each package! Huge! And our little apiary was down to two lonely hives for one reason or another. So......furiously trying to get equipment built and painted to get these poor little bees out of the cages. I built 200 frames.....I don't recommend doing this in one day.....So, My son, Seth was able to take 5 hives to friends' property last night and hive 5 packages. We'll finish equipment today and then hive the last 10 tomorrow. Then it's building much more equipment for the supers which are the boxes you put on top of the hive bodies that they actually fill with honey. A lot of work but the payoff will be golden......sorry...hopefully!

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