Thursday, May 10, 2012

Project updates

The newly hived bees are doing really well for the most part. We did lose one hive.. they were just packaged too long. But the good news is, we have 15 strong new hives and no sign of a bear yet. Good friends are hosting 5 of the new hives which we are really happy about. The honey will taste different from area to area depending on what's around for them to forage so it's nice to get a variety. The antique bed has gone from the sand blasters to the powder coaters.  The cost of the sand blasting was $112. It should be finished early next week. Can't wait to see it. Will have pics soon. If it turns out to be fairly reasonable to redo this bed, I may do more of them. Things are growing like crazy in the garden including the weeds. Need to get out there with the hoe. I read that spraying the weeds with a vinegar/water mix will kill the weeds. I'm going to try that and I'll let you know how it works. The chicken coop building has been held up do to weather. I found a supplier that sells the pvc pipe in 20 foot lengths so I went and picked some up today. Some of the parts in the plan call for pieces up to 19 feet and all we were able to get anywhere else were 10 feet. To simplify construction I decided to try to find the longer pieces instead of trying to figure out where we wanted to glue the shorter pieces together. It will add quite a bit of expense since the 10 foot pieces are less than $3 each but the 20 foot pieces are over $12 each. But it can still be built for around $100. If you want to glue the shorter pieces, I think it could be done for not too much more than $50. If you wanted a green house (which is what the plan is really for), I don't think you could get much cheaper than that. Hope to start putting it together tomorrow barring anymore drama with my foot.....stitches come out tomorrow.....can't wait (being cynical here)

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